How To Choose Mountain Home Interior Decor

These are usually log cabins designed to serve as vacation houses for individuals who love the outdoors. They are situated atop mountain areas. They boast the potential for adventure and serenity for those who choose to stay in them. Just like any other house, the inside look of the cabin can help to increase its appeal and maximize your satisfaction while staying there. Learn more about Antler decor,  go here. 

Generally, for your cabin home to bring out that classy yet cozy feel, you will need to incorporate nature into it. A rustic essence is what you need. You can achieve this through animal prints, animal paintings, wood statues, fixtures with animal stenciling on them and antler art. The trick is to mix them up but know how to strike the perfect balance.

For these beautifully crafted homes, you will need unique and blending interior features to add to the overall beauty of the cabin. Antler art is the perfect choice for your cabin home, made of deer antlers. They are excellently done to exhibit a height of class that is rare to find. Each piece is unique and extraordinary. Antler art includes chandeliers, light wall sconces, lamps, shelves, corkscrews to name just a few. 

Antler chandeliers of your choice may include eight, ten or twelve antler sheds. The light bulbs are Leviton sockets enclosed by the antler itself and range from four to eight. The wiring in the chandelier is sealed within the antler shell so that it makes an excellent light fixture and beautiful display for your home.  

Antler lamp shades are rustic and feature a moose and bear with a scattering of trees and a few birds flying above. They typically measure about twenty-three inches in height. The antler artisans utilize wood and couple it up with antler sheds to create lamps with wooden bases and stems. For your mountain home, you can also use painted lamp shades.

Antler wall scones have four bulbs and four antler sheds. For a polished look, the Leviton sockets are usually wrapped within the antler casing. Besides the pair of scones, artisans have created a wall sconce that looks like a lamp on the wall. Both styles of antler lighting have a rustic feel and beautiful appeal.

Furniture is also one of the key features to consider when furnishing your mountain home. The choice of furniture used will determine the elegance and class your home will exhibit. It selects the mood for your cabin and reflects your personality and style. Take a look at this link  for more information.